Upgrade U: flower by Kenzo

by - February 22, 2012

Let's face it. We all stink. Whether it's Mother Nature's natural oils and sweat or man-made chemicals, we all reek something awful. Every time I am on a crowded train I thank the Heavens for my poor sense of smell.

I've only recently paid attention to fragrances. I'm not entirely sure why I never wanted to smell unnatural before but I suspect it had something to do with getting nosebleeds every time I walked through the Myer beauty section during my highly hay feverish childhood. Or it could have been my teenage years getting nosebleeds from the crazy way my classmates abused Impulse and Lynx sprays (a little goes a long way people)! I didn’t get the subtlety of scents until my hay fever cleared up and I worked in a bigger office where people’s smells didn’t offend my central face holes.

I went on a fragrance hunt with my friend whose nose could smell things burning in the kitchen while my hay fever clogged snout left me with nearly no dinner. She also had encyclopedic knowledge of every current, past and upcoming perfume on the market. We went to Paint’n’Powder in Royal Arcade, Melbourne CBD where she and the store clerk pointed out a few warm, vanilla or flowery scents to me because my prerequisite was I wanted to smell like food or flowers.

I fell in love with the prettiest Flower By Kenzo. It would have been $50 cheaper to buy the scent from Strawberry Net but the customer service at Paint’n’Powder was so nice and old school I had to buy it from them for helping me find my new signature scent. Now between my cocoa butter moisturiser and Flower By Kenzo I smell like a chocolate garden!

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