A cup of tea?

by - April 04, 2012

Uncle Mark (or Aunty Mark, as he is also known) got the whole Phamly their own personalised Continental Cup-a-Soup promo mugs a couple of years ago. My Shiny Jade mug helps me through the pain of drinking hot tea in 35+ degrees and humidity.

Drinking tea in Brisbane is like a test of your faith and commitment to the hot beverage. In other parts of the world, namely Melbourne, where the weather attempts to refrigerate an entire city, it makes more sense to drink cups of tea to warm yourself. Brisbane is more like running out of ice cubes then licking frost in the freezer kind of weather.

Over summer I was harshly and cruelly tested by the gods of tea. Not only was I adapting to sunlight and Vitamin D efficiencies, I also had hot weather and humidity trying to suppress my four-a-day (three black tea, one dandelion) cup of tea addiction. However, nothing gets between me and my food. Little Sissy Pham understands this best; every time I do something nice for her, she says, "You love me!" And I reply, "No, I don't. I love food!" I've discovered my devotion to food extends to cups of tea. 

Boy did I sweat and whimper through each cup of tea for the first three months. What was once a soothing routine to me, was now an act of self-torture and yet I stubbornly kept drinking the tea. My devotion was rewarded with a job in an airconditioned office where I now comfortably drink my cups of tea.

Upon reflection, I don't think I was hired because I'm enthusiastic and have mad skills. I was hired because the gods of tea knew I kept the faith and drank all that tea even though it hurt me worse than that time I cartwheeled off my bed and concussed myself.

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