Sharp mini-hifi stereo system

by - April 30, 2012

I got my first pay from my new job about a month ago and to celebrate I treated the Phamly to gifts for taking care of me while I was unemployed. Dad Pham is going to get some cashola for a trip to Melbourne in September for Mum Pham's one year passing Buddhist ceremony (he doesn't know this yet and doesn't read the internet so don't tell him - it's a surprise!), Big Brother Pham and Sister-Not-In-Law Pham got the kitchen shelf they wanted for their new house and Little Sissy Pham got a(n expensive) blood test and Disney car eyes for Oscar (her car) to match Luigi (my car). Then I bought myself a kick-ass new stereo for my bedroom because I'd left my Melbourne stereo to a friend.
It's a Sharp CDSW440NH and even though it comes with a CD player, radio, auxiliary inputs, tape deck (what the?) and has the cleanest, crispest, boomiest sound I've ever heard from a mini hifi system, all you need to know is that the speakers light up blue when the bass goes boom ba doom boom! I LOVE it SO much. The only trouble was when I first brought it home and plugged it in,  it kept flashing the blue light in off/stand-by mode. I was afraid it would become the flashing lights of doom and bringing back my insomnia.
It's a good thing I live with Little Sissy Pham because between the two of us we almost have a whole functioning brain. My brain parts knew that Dad Pham's decade old hifi system (which still kicks my new stereo's butt on the audio frequency range front, if not the booming bass end) had a demo button that you need to push to turn off demo mode and get the equaliser bars going. Little Sissy Pham's brain parts studied my remote control to see what functions the stereo had. She saw the demo button but didn't know what it meant. Eventually we combined brain powers to turn off demo mode on my Sharp stereo. Next, we take over the world! Muahahahahaha...

Or I just sit in my room typing out blog posts and listening to sweet, sweet music on my new mini-hifi system. (If you look closely at the pic below, you can see Little Sissy Pham and I being blasted in our happy faces by The Black Keys on the radio.)

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