Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane (U want to go to there)

by - August 04, 2012

I'm training my nieces to like me through positive association with food, but they're not always hungry so I sometimes use cute, fuzzy animals instead. That's the main reason we went to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary on Anzac Day this year in Fig Tree Pocket (Brisbane southside).

We saw the sheep dog show and fed lorikeets but the ultimate experience was feeding the kangaroos! Sure, koalas are cute and I'm glad they've got a sanctuary in Brisbane. But koalas are always sleepy little nuggets because it's so goddamn draining to digest eucalyptus leaves - they just lounge around looking dopey. People-friendly kangaroos, however, hop around eating food out of your hand!

Big Brother Pham went and got his hand pecked open by birds because he tried to feed them too. Sometimes I worry that half my nieces' genes come from his side of the Phamly. Here's hoping their mum comes from a self-preserving breed of human. That's her in the background of the photo by the way, with Baby Pham #3 in her belly!!

P.S. Don't judge Lone Pine by their website - the sanctuary is a much more beautiful place to visit than their verdana-loving white text on black background website: koala.net. Also, they have a photo of Jackie Chan holding a koala on their site. That earns 'em some good web karma points.

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