Upgrade U: Things By Bean greeting cards and posters

by - July 31, 2012

Beans are the best. Green beans are my favourite but I also love baked beans, mung beans, black beans, kidney beans, canellini beans, bean bags... My newest favourite bean thing is Things By Bean. In particular, this Hamburger poster designed by Bean that's decorating my new work station (yes, that's four desks in four months so far).
Things by Bean also makes greetings cards with the perfect combination of personality and good humour. Two things you don't find enough of in greeting cards. I'm not into rude/crude humour or dad jokes so Things By Bean is the perfect fit! I bought a bunch of my fave designs to cover a bunch of hypothetical situations where I may need to give people cards.

Like now. I'm off to send a friend the pie chart birthday card for her birthday on the weekend. It will be a surprise because by the time I publish this post in my Diablo 3 scheduled outage from blogging her birthday will have come and gone. Y'all should stock up on Things By Bean so you have a card handy for every semi-probable occasion!

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