Watch it: Dexter

by - September 17, 2012

Since moving from inner-city Melbourne (read: party town) to the outer-suburbs of Brisbane (read: sleepy town) I've started to catch up on about five years of TV show recommendations from friends. I thought I'd pass on their great recommendations to you.

Dexter is amazing. I love a show that keeps you guessing because it mindblowing plot twists and brilliant writing. Even though it's about a serial killer, the show isn't gory and doesn't go for cheap scares. In other words, people who need to watch horror movies at home on DVD because they feel stupid bringing their blanket and cat to the cinemas (like me) will have no anxiety attacks watching Dexter. The show is superbly done drama, thriller and action.

You'd think it'd be hard relating to a serial killing lead character but by the end of season 3 I was convinced I should marry a cold-blooded murderer. Seriously, think about it - he'd be the perfect husband because he doesn't want to be discovered and needs a happy family to use as a cover. The only downside would be if he decided it'd be better for him to kill off his family. That could suck.

Be warned: the season 6 cliffhanger is a doozie and will leave you reeling. At least if you watch it now, season 7 will drop at the start of October. My throat seized up and I nearly died (exaggeration) when I realised in June this year that I'd have to wait three whole months for what happens next.

Another warning: season 8 will be the last. They've plotted out the finale over season 7 & 8 and set it up during season 6 so methinks this well planned ending won't disappoint.

Dexter. Watch it!

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