Compact treadmill

by - September 25, 2012

My health was on the way up when I purchased a compact treadmill and rearranged my IKEA bedroom to fit it in. Then my new 15" Macbook Pro with retina display arrived and Diablo III happened so my health started to decline.

I've made a new rule that I can't play Diablo until after I've finished a session on the treadmill because I am not clever enough to rig it up like this genius who can only play Diablo III when he's moving on his treadmill. I want to go to there.
My 4 month work contract got extended by 6 months so I needed to do something before desk work turns my inner slob into my outer slob.  I love to walk and used to walk to and from work every day in Melbourne for nearly 2 hours a day. Moving back home to a 40 minute commute sitting on my arse while a car then a train does my work isn't helping with my expanding gut.

So I went on a hunt for a compact treadmill to fit in my crowded room. I found the Confidence Fitness Motorised Treadmill on  Combined with a pair of 1kg dumbbells (teehee, that's a funny word) my new exercise routine is working a treat!

The machine's fairly quiet except for the way I stomp on it with my pigeon-toed, uneven legs. 97.6% of the human population is more lightfooted than I am though, so the average person would not consider this a loud machine. It's a basic machine - you can only adjust speed, not resistance or slope but it's perfect for speed-walking and light jogging. For your health!

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