How to backup iPhone contacts

by - August 14, 2013

I've had 5 people in the past fortnight want to switch up their phones but scared to lose their contacts. How can this happen in this day and age? By that I mean the Google age. I've had my contacts synced to Gmail/Google Apps since I made the switch from dumbphones to smartphones. I like to plan ahead so I can slut around between handsets and networks without a care.

You can of course sync to Yahoo and Hotmail emails but if you do, we can't be friends. Gmail - get with the program. To sync your contacts to gmail head to your iPhone settings and set up a new Mail, Contacts, Calendars Account. Add a new Microsoft Exchange account and fill in your details using the server and use SSL.

Then on the next screen switch on sync contacts if it hasn't automatically done that. I sync my calendars using exchange too but prefer the Gmail App instead of using the iPhone Mail app because Gmail App has better search function and can archive/label and do all the other functions I love in Gmail.

Once your contacts are synced you are FREE to do whatever you like because unlike Apple, Google gets along with everyone in the tech world so you can hop between phones and operating systems without fear of ever losing your contacts again!

Here are the detailed instructions on how to synch your life to Google by Google. It's a step by step guide I used a couple of years ago when I married an iPhone. Love.

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