Upgrade U: disco New Balance runners

by - June 21, 2011

One thing I do often is have hair-brained ideas that I follow through much to my Phamly's amusement. Oh well, I'd rather try than die wondering though it's an expensive way to live - e.g. the cherry red bicycle collecting spider webs in the backyard, the rollerkates collecting dust in the corner of my room or the guitar I gave to my cousin. It doesn't always end in tragedy, though.

Like when I  tried a class of Zumba. I was ultra-unco and skipped practically every second move in the routines to keep up with the beat but it was SO much fun! It turned out to be another failed hair-brained idea seeing as how I've only attended that one class in two months.

The happy ending is I had every intention to keep it up so I went and found appropriate footwear for a gym classroom. As always, I try to talk myself into buying something sensible and to blend in with the normal people but, no, of course as soon as I set foot in the New Balance outlet store on Smith Street in Collingwood I made a bee-line for the brightest pair of runners in the store. Hello, New Balance Disco Runners! Look how amazing they are!

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  1. Zumba hurts my flat, flat feet. I went to about 5 classes. Yoga's fun but expensive. Maybe I'll start again when I get a job.

  2. I did the Melbourne Uni. zumba class - did you do yours there? It was fun but, yeah, I get a better overall work out in the pool. Plus I'm floating so i don't feel like such a klutz. I can picture you kicking ass at yoga. I'm more the falling on my ass type in yoga classes.

  3. Nah, I did zumba... in ... Tullamarine? In hindsight, that may have also contributed to my stopping ;) Mel took up classes out there ;) She's now a Zumba teacher in Hoppers two nights a week!

  4. oh what?! That's awesome! Can't believe Mel is teaching Zumba.