Essential Dental Care: Best Dentist In Brisbane

by - June 04, 2014

Smile! Those teeth don't clean themselves.

I was traumatised by a dentist in the public service when I was little. She was rough and mean, and must have thought I was being a wimp like other patients but no, I had a tiny mouth and I was whimpering because she'd ripped the left side of my lips open. After that day, I refused to go back to the dentist until I had money to pay for a good one (we were poor so free was the only option).  It wasn't until a decade later when I had my first full-time job that I went to a posh dentist in Melbourne for a check-up. Luckily I didn't need much work apart from replacing a filling and good old clean.

If you live in Melbourne I highly recommend Smile Solutions on Collins Street. I knew it was the place for me because I stuck out like a sore thumb among the rich-looking, suit-wearing older gentlemen and fancy dress-wearing older women who seemed their core business. The female dentists and nurses all have amazing make-up - I got a few handy mascara and eyeliner tips while in the chairs there. You pay more than you would for an outer-suburb dentist but after my childhood experience - screw no pain, no gain. I wanted the gentlest, best dental care I could afford.

Moving to Brisbane I was really sad to leave the happy place I'd found. But, lucky me, Little Sissy Pham had trialled and errored her way through a handful of dentists up here to find her hero, William Pham (no relation). When he left the local dentist near Dad Pham's house to open his new practice Essential Dental Care in Graceville, Brisbane she followed. And I tagged along too.

 I've been to Essential Dental Care three times now. Twice I had Dr. Nik and once when he was busy I had Dr. William. They're both really friendly and gentle, and clearly communicate what they're doing so you're not left laying in the chair wondering what's happening in your mouth. The guys also thought to put TVs in their ceiling so when you're getting your teeth done you can zone out for a bit.

For the first time in my life, I can honestly say I love going to the dentist. Essential Dental Care is the best I've experienced. I look forward to my next clean and check up and the refreshed and happy feeling I get after visiting their friendly team. The only slight problem is I get along with the crew so well we're always chatting, which is hard when my dentist needs me to stop talking so he can do his job. Essential Dental Care, guys. Do it.

1/296 Oxley Rd, Graceville QLD 4075
(07) 3333 2011

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