Karen Walker cat ring

by - October 02, 2014

I’ve been carefully plotting my future as a single cat lady for about a decade (only seriously for the past two years) so this gorgeous Karen Walker cat ring (she happens to be my favourite sunglasses designer) was the perfect 30th gift from my beautiful friend Elise. Though, of course, now I’m in a relationship with one homo sapiens and not 13-18 domestic felines as I’d planned because life just never happens the way you expect it to.

As my boyfriend likes to say, he ‘saved a dozen cats from a terrible life.’ He let me ruin his life instead. What a selfless man. I wear this adorable ring every day as a reminder of what could have been. So many single lady stereotypes to live up to, so many kitties to cuddle, so much fur to vacuum, so much poop to scoop - all fondly remembered in this little silver cat ring.

The Karen Walker Jewelry collection of silver rings includes a bunny rabbit (which Elise has - ring twins!), bear, skull, heart and star. There’s a gold ring range as well. Think I’ll treat myself to another one or three rings in future because double stacking the rings is a thing. Happy Birthday, me!

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