Upgrade U: My Favourite Podcasts

by - November 18, 2016

Rise and shine! Unlike the majority of morning risers in the park walking their furry family, I am walking my Fitbit and Pokemon Go, while listening to my favourite Podcasts. I'm not loyal - I get bored of podcasts and move on but these are the ones that have stood the test of time:

Radiolab http://www.radiolab.org
Of course, one of my all time faves is a well-rounded, -researched and -written science podcast. Each episode always has me intrigued by intricacies of life, and I always feel like I've gained knowledge or discovered a new way to look at old things. I save my Radiolab podcasts for quiet time - usually before bed so I'm not distracted and can focus on the details. Who knew the world is so interesting? Radiolab.

Myths & Legends - https://www.mythpodcast.com
I love fairy tales, I love folklore, I love random stories from around the world. But I don't have time to read/listen to full tales let alone research and find which versions I should read. Myths & Legends by Jason Weiser cleverly edits summarises historical epics into short and sweet episodes with a cheeky sense of humour about some of the ridiculous elements of stories.

Lore http://www.lorepodcast.com
So excited that Lore by writer Aaron Mahnke is going to made into a television show! It's well-written and spooky as. I can't listen to Lore at night - it keeps me up. I can't listen to Lore in the park - it creeps me out. I can only listen to Lore in morning traffic on the long drive to work because there's daylight and I have to focus on not crashing so I don't have time to dwell on the stories and creep myself out.

Astonishing Legends - http://www.astonishinglegends.com
Recently discovered this when I caught up on Lore's back catalogue. The show covers urban legends, unexplained mysteries and other creepy things. I occasionally brave it in the park but sometimes I get too creeped out by the supernatural stories, and have to switch to lighter listening. Like True Crime.

Generation Why http://thegenerationwhypodcast.com
This is my faourite of all the true crime podcasts because Justin & Aaron have such good rapport. The duo grew up friends. Generation Why do their research then discuss their thoughts on the findings in a cool and relaxed way in a conversational format, which makes it easier to listen to than scripted podcasts. I look forward to their weekly releases and, yes, I am in the official Generation Why Facebook Group.

Casefile - http://casefilepodcast.com
I got onto Casefile after I crunched through Generation Why's massive back catalogue. I tried a few different podcasts but Casefile is the only one that stuck, which surprised me because the host has an Aussie accent that I sometimes find jarring since all the podcasts I listen to normally have an American accent. Casefile covers true crime stories from around the world, but also Australian ones which is nice (and also scary that it happens in places I've been or know). Stick it out through the first few episodes. The host gets better and talks slower and more clearly these days.

In The Dark http://www.apmreports.org/in-the-dark 
I became obsessed with this short series. It's a really interesting and informative listen on how one child abduction in particular changed the way the USA handled such cases. You'll see that Australian law has mimicked the USA laws in recent history.

This podcast is SO interesting. I love listening to the other side of murder from a retired homicide detective. Normally, podcast hosts are true crime fans - they haven't worked in the field. So it's refreshing to get a different perspective.

Savage Lovecast http://www.savagelovecast.com
The OG favourite that got me into listening to Podcasts. I resisted this technology for the longest time because I am old and out of touch. Dan Savage is the sassiest and smartest unqualified sex and relationship advice-giver out there. There's a free version with ads so you can try it, then if you're like me you'll become obsessed and become a paid subscriber to get episodes that are twice as long, have special guest interviewees and no ads.

I love his take on life and always look forward to his rants at the start of each show about relevant politics, laws, news. You want to be open-minded when listening to Dan - he doesn't tone things down for the easily-offended.Whenever I struggle with the dating thing or try the relating to humans thing, I ask myself, 'What would Dan Savage tell me to do?'

Women Of The Hour - https://soundcloud.com/womenofthehour
Lena Dunham's podcast. Of course, I listen to an empowered, intelligent, feminist podcast. I have to balance out all the true crime podcasts where I constantly listen to stories women being victimised. Lena Dunham interviews strong, informed, inspiring women from all walks of life and all areas of expertise on her podcast. Very inspirational.

Serial - 
Serial covers one crime each season. Season One was brilliant and felt like it sucked the world into the Adnan Syed case. Season Two about Bowe Bergdahl was intriguing at first but I lost interest by the end - maybe because I couldn't relate to American patriotism and also military life.

So these are the podcasts I'm subscribed to. Hope you enjoy some of them as much as I do!

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