Upgrade U: Fitbit Charge case for damaged bands

by - November 08, 2016

Little Sissy Pham got me a Fitbit Charge for my birthday this year. Mostly it was recording how inactive I am throughout the day but, recently, I've been walking myself a lot and I'm no longer an embarrassment to the Fitbit Community. Unfortunately, as soon as I started getting my step count up, I noticed my Fitbit was starting to wear down.

The clasp had loosened so my Fitbit came undone and went flying a couple of times. Luckily, they're sturdy devices and it survived the fall down a flight of stairs onto concrete flooring. Then the glue started to lose its touch and the edges of the rubber wrist band came away from the plastic screen.
The good news is - Fitbit will replace faulty bands under manufacturer's warranty for up to 1 year. The OK news Fitbit sent me a new or refurbished Fitbit Charge (not good news since I find this a bit wasteful. The divice still works - it was just the band I wanted fixed. So wasteful). If your Fitbit is out of warranty, there is still good news:

When I was looking for a replacement band before I learned you couldn't replace bands on my particular model, I saw a lot of these random rubber cases on ebay.com.au. I didn't understand at the time that these were made to address the common band fault in the Fitbit Charge. I got myself a pink case and black band guard so now my Fitbit looks a bit chunkier but the rubber band won't wear down at the joint, and the clasp is locked in. I'd recommend both add-ons to anyone with the Fitbit Charge & Charge HR.
Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go do star jumps to make up for the steps I didn't walk this morning.

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