Take no notice

by - April 28, 2017

I turned off my social media notifications a month ago, and it’s probably the only good decision I’ve made all year. Washing crystals with my klutz hands in the bathroom sink and chipping the basin - terrible idea. Spraying my herbs with a homemade mix that sunburnt all the leaves cause I did so at the wrong time of day with a too-heavy mix and breaking my sister’s spray bottle when the cayenne pepper clogged the pump - also not great ideas. Hanging out with someone I referred to as No Fun - worst idea. But reducing the number of notifications I get by turning off notifications for non-essential apps? Best idea ever.

I was forever guilty of checking notifications when they popped up on my phone, then spending the next 10-30mins scrolling through whatever app I had opened. I no longer get notifications for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, Twitter and LinkedIn - the worst offenders on my phone. I also started scheduling social posts for my blog using Hootsuite so I don’t need to go into any apps.

I turned off email notifications except for direct, personal e-mails - G Suite / Gmail is my hero here, you can set it up to filter out all the non-essential emails like e-newsletters, order updates, social media updates etc. And work emails no longer ping my phone unless it’s from an address marked as “VIP” - as in, the boss, the CEO etc. The rest of the digital world can wait until I’m in the mood for virtual socialising. And if it can’t, the people who need to reach me have my mobile number. Yup, I’m one of those old people who still uses their phone for calls some of the time.

I still love a good scroll through social media but these days it’s at my own pace and not when someone else is interacting with me on the apps. So sorry (not sorry) if I haven’t gotten back to anyone on social media - take no notice, I am not ignoring you, I just haven’t gotten around to opening the app yet.

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