My 2018 highlights

by - December 31, 2018

This year didn't start out so great, but overall it has been a fun year. Some of my (blog) highlights are:

  1. I learned I'm a mouth breathing, noisy eater.
  2. I kept up my weekly dance but not dance-dance classes Groove Therapy with Wanida Serce. Though, I didn't keep up with ballet because I moved to another part of town. Instead I'm going to sign up to the local gym next week. Shock-horror.
  3. I got to see a Vietnamese American actress star in a western teen movie for the first time - To All The Boys I've Loved Before. Time's are changing y'all.
  4. I got a new phone, and I didn't know it has automatic face blur on the selfie camera for the past 9 months even though in the original post, you can clearly see how crispy the front facing camera is compared to the self-facing camera. D'oh.
  5. But of course, my top highlight, is living with the boyfriend who makes every day extra fun.

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