OPH: Work Pham

by - December 10, 2018

It finally happened. I'm a senior team member. Not because of career progression, but because I've been alive so much longer than most of my colleagues I have more work and life experience, which makes me appear more grown up and responsible. Doesn't mean I am though.

I like me a quirky office antic like Work Bestie, Tuna Breath and Corny Chips. So when this year's office Xmas party delivered unto me the happiest team photo I've ever seen or been in, I just had to do something with it for the team.

Enter Vistaprint - I've never used the site before, but Little Sissy Pham loves a good, thoughtful photo printed mug so I knew they are decent for a budget printing business. I couldn't do something classy like a mug for the boys in my Development team though. No, they don't use mugs. They live on a well-balanced diet of kombucha, Pepsi Max and beer - all of which come in bottles and cans.

Instead, I opted for photo printed mouse pads because it's somewhat practical, and relevant for our computer-life team. I thought they'd laugh the gift off and eat the accompanying chocolates only, but all the boys are using their mouse pads with glee. Even the guy who isn't in our team but made it into the photo loved the mouse pads so much that I gave him my one. Don't you worry, I'm getting myself another print of the photos - this time on a mug because I drink tea like an adult whose body would shut down if I drank a can of Pepsi Max a day like my Work Pham.

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