OPH: Pay it forward

by - February 11, 2019

Photo: The time I was coming home from Mum's remembrance ceremony at Dad's and copped a $261 fine and lost 3 demerit points. Ah, the good memories in this car.

When I moved back to Brisbane after Mum's passing, I was pretty broken and broke. Dad Pham took money out of this mortgage to buy me Luigi, a Hyundai Getz. Luigi was pummeled to death by hailstones and I got Luigi II thanks to RACQ insurance. And my desk buddy thinks insurance is a scam - tsk.

The Luigis helped me set up my life - going to job interviews, my daily commutes, moving houses, and now take Dad on his weekly grocery runs, and many a road trip up and down the Coast with friends. I've had some fun times with Luigi, but with my not so little eldest niece about ready to get her licence, it's time to pay Dad's good will forward to the next gen PhamLe.

For her birthday, I promised her my car once she gets her Ps because it's mainly P-platers and the elderly who drive the Getz. I'm too middle aged for my car. Now it's eldest niece's turn to set up life in this zippy, reliable little vehicle; and time for Aunty Jade to level up her car game.

So.... Any suggestions for a vroom-vroom?

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  1. What a lovely gift for your niece.
    I recently bought a Holden Astra, and absolutely love her! Lovely solid car that looks sleek.

    1. I drove to work behind a Holden Astra today - have never noticed the car before you mentioned it, but it does look like a very sleek and nice car!