Upgrade U: Brisbane Tiling Recommendation

by - March 01, 2019

Big Brother Pham is the most practical and handy Pham. He's the one you'd want in your crew in a zombie apocalypse because he has the skills to stay alive. He's also the one you'd want to tile your home because he takes pride in his work. In case you haven't realised, this is a shameless promotion for my brother's business: Tiling Phan & Pham

Shameless because I am so proud of what Big Bro has accomplished in the past several years and how hard he has worked to get qualified and become his own boss. I imagine it's rewarding to be able to demolish a bathroom or strip clean a floor or wall, then rebuild it into a piece of livable art. I wouldn't know because the only thing I can build is IKEA bedroom furniture.

Being the child of immigrant parents who constantly remind us how lucky we are to be in a privileged country; Big Brother Pham is hard-working, disciplined and reliable. Being Dad's son, he's also super intelligent yet chilled out; and being Mum's son, he finds a way to achieve goals within budget.

Big Brother Pham provides a Brisbane tiling service for all of Brisbane area doing bathroom renovations, floor and wall tiling, feature tiling and more. If you're looking for an honest, competitively priced tiler in Brisbane with many years of experience, look up Big Brother Pham:

Owyn Pham - 0422 454 965

For pricing and to see more of their tiling work online:

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