Accidentally, intentionally pregnant

by - October 02, 2023

We decided to freeze our 2 viable embryos rather than do an immediate embryo transfer because I was so bloated from the IVF medications in March. Then in April, I had food poisoning, head colds and aching ovaries; it was just not a good time to schedule an embryo transfer because I wanted to be in good health to improve our chances of success. Even though I've heard from women who fell pregnant while they were sick as a dawg.

We let April come and go. My cycle was warped from all the IVF hormones and my usual 28-day menstrual cycle was a whopping 39 days. We decided my next cycle would be our first attempt at an embryo transfer. I had progesterone meds stocked up in the fridge - it is used to thicken your uterus lining to increase chances of the embryo embedding successfully, and got my medication plan from the fertility clinic in anticipation. But then my 28-day cycle came and went. Then my new 39-day cycle came and went. I had spot bleeding the weekend V came to visit and that usually means my period will start a few days later. But it didn't.

Then one Girls Night, Little Sissy Pham suggested I take a pregnancy test. She'd given me the tests she had from when she got pregnant with Nephew Pham. That Saturday morning I peed on the stick and was shocked to see the little plus symbol. Part of me couldn't believe it so I read the instruction box and saw that IVF medications can mess with results. I went downstairs to tell Boyfriend Pham. We were both surprised and happy, but unsure. I wish I'd researched it further before I told him that IVF meds can cause a false positive, which dampened our celebration somewhat. But IVF hormones stay in your system for approx. 10 days. It had been over a month since I was on those meds so we were very likely pregnant and could have been less reserved in our happiness!

Anyway, I went to the GP and asked for a blood test to confirm. One evening while taking the train home together I read an email from my doctor. He'd circled something on my blood test results and had scrawled, 'CONGRATS!' And that's how we learned we were definitely pregnant at 7.5 weeks. The doctor was surprised I hadn't tested sooner, but honestly, I was so focused on the embryo transfer, and in denial because we'd been trying for years without success - why would I be lucky enough to get pregnant now?

I am so blessed that we got pregnant 'naturally.' I put that in quotes because I am convinced the IVF hormones helped our cause. The only other life change was Boyfriend Pham left a toxic work environment for a very supportive new workplace. Maybe it was a combination of both - my body needed the fertility hormone boosts and Boyfriend Pham needed less stress. Whatever it was, I am so very grateful for our miracle embryo. My spot bleeding from a couple weeks back had been the embryo embedding into my uterus lining.

Next up: Pregnancy scans, tests and holding my breath between key milestones, willing my little embryo to stay healthy and keep growing.

Our fertility and pregnancy experience

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