Hiding early pregnancy

by - December 18, 2023

I don't tell the truth because I want to. I tell the truth because I am a terrible liar, and I know it. I wanted to keep my pregnancy private in Trimester 1 since it's the first time I've been pregnant, and while it wasn't an IVF baby it was an IVF hormones-supported baby so I didn't know if my body would keep up the pregnancy hormones naturally. In short, I didn't want to tell work colleagues in case I miscarried then I'd have to have sad conversations at work.

Typical of me, I caved and told my boss the truth at Week 9 because I kept calling in sick and, well, when I had 'food poisoning' for the third time in two weeks, I decided it was best to confess it was morning sickness and not me making repeated, bad life decisions. He kept my news confidential as requested (he's better at keeping my secret than me), apart from telling his partner. They both already knew I had started fertility treatment earlier in the year.

Anyway, Boss and I agreed that I would host a team quiz and surprise the gang with my news further along in my pregnancy. However, quiz day is Wednesdays and the week I intended to share my news, was EKKA holiday in Brisbane. It's a local public holiday where different pockets of Brisbane and surrounding regions are given a weekday off to look at farm animals at the showgrounds. EKKA is short for Agricultural Exhibition because we're lazy folk who like to shorten all words until they're not recognisable.

The following Wednesday I hosted the quiz but because the teams took so long to answer each question, we ran over time. I spent the whole day sucking in my gut whenever I walked about the office or holding my bag in front of me when walking in or out of the elevator. I don't know how people didn't notice. I was so uncomfortable in my regular clothes by the end. Pictured is the last day I was able to fit into this skirt because it pinched my belly so hard that I found it hard to breathe.

By the third week of trying to surprise my team, I was so big in the belly bump I stopped going into the office because it would ruin the reveal. It was a great relief when I finally shared my happy news and could start wearing maternity skirts with elasticated waistbands (Kmart maternity for the win!) to the office. I am glad to report people were very surprised, and those who saw my belly in person were shocked they hadn't noticed. Sucking in the gut and holding props in front of your belly like you're on a sitcom works a treat!

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