About A Phamly

The Phamly began when Mum Pham met Dad Pham. They made Big Brother Pham and lived happily ever after for four years then they wanted a girl. Their first attempt was sub-standard so 10 months later out popped Little Sissy Pham. This blog is run by the reject middle daughter, Jade Pham.

Keep It In The Phamly is an old school, personal blog - no organised, paid or unpaid endorsements allowed. It's all me. I find what I like, I write about it. I think what I like, I write about it. I do what I like, I write about it.


Mum Pham: "Ngoc (that means Jade) was the duck (she means dux) of her school. She could have done anything with her life but she chose music (now fashion) and that's why her hair's like that."

Dad Pham: "Your mind is simple. That's why you're a happy person." Turns over my palm. "See? Look how clear the lines are. You don't think much."

Dad Pham: "You look beautiful just like your mother. Luckily, you're not as gullible."


Why is it spelled Phamly instead of Phamily?
Big Brother Pham was an IT buff as a kid but not a great speller when he set up our first home computer network. He named it The Phamly. It stuck.

Do you suffer from middle child syndrome?
Of course I do, but my parents don't care.

Are you paid by brands to recommend their products?
No, I am not paid or even asked to write about products for free. I research, find and purchase these products to use myself. If anything, these brands should pay or politely ask me NOT to write about their products because nobody takes me seriously. Especially not my cats.