As Dori says, just keep swimming

by - May 24, 2011

A friend came to visit and scared the bugeezus out of me last week. He'd been home to France where he had back surgery and as part of the recovery process he's ditched his messenger bag and is getting into swimming. Me, anticipating a hypochondria attack, decided to ditch my heavy handbag for a backpack and get back into swimming. I stopped swimming last summer when my tan started to resemble a radioactive coconut.

image: tan resembling a radioactive coconut

So the new plan is to do nighttime swims! 4 degrees and raining wasn't ideal weather to slip (more like wrench) on my old rainbow swirl Speedos and get back in an outdoor pool after 10 months of slothdom. There was cramping, vomitus in the mouth and lots of gasping for air but the important thing is my gut looked cute tucked in this swimsuit:
image: Speedo Flipturns Team Stripe One Piece

By the way, that's not me in a Western woman's body standing in between two buff men in the photo. My gut's only cute in my head, not in reality!

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