Glitter is the herpes of arts & crafts

by - May 28, 2011

As legend has it, a drag queen once told me the tricks of her trade. The one that stuck literally was how to apply glitter make up. Part of me wants to share the secret. Another part of me then imagines being sued.

A dear friend of mine applied flower petals to her face and the chemical reaction between the petals and other ingredients in the glitter process burned her skin. Luckily, she didn't need plastic surgery and isn't the type to sue, but this is a reminder that some things are best kept to my face:
The White Rabbit at an Alice In Wonderland party. This night I learned that my hot pink glitter stains the skin for three days after. Fortunately, I was then working in an indie music company and they assumed the hot pink eye lids were intentional.
The Sci-Fi warehouse party. This time I knew the pink glitter would stain but I didn't know that when I ripped off the blue cloth tape from my neck and arms in a moment of merry partying spirit it would hurt like Hell the next morning and for three weeks the thin red lines would make me look like a self-harmer. I wore scarves a lot that month.

You know what, it's probably best you use me as a guide in how not to do make-up. I'm an idiot.

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