Upgrade U: my new Baby-G

by - May 25, 2011

image: my new Baby-G Watch BGA-200PD-7BDR
One of the many perks of working in fashion is I can very easily win arguments with myself about buying new clothes and accessories and make up - especially when they're our clients' brands. Oh, look at my bare wrist! Well, it will be bare after I take off my jade green bracelet which I faithfully wore for five years because Mum Pham gave it to me. Turns out, it's not a Phamly heirloom or even a gift. It's a piece of trash some one was about to throw out but Mum, the hoarder, salvaged it.

Anyway, back to my bare wrist. I just have to get me a new Baby-G watch. You can't tell in the pic but the 11, 1 and 7 are painted onto the glass so it totally pops out. How white, how bright, how colourful, how me!

I may or may not have also got me a new gold Casio vintage watch and Dad Pham coincidentally fell in love with a mens dress watch and it was nearly his birthday so Little Sissy Pham and I just had to get him an Edifice chronograph.

image: Edifice EF566D-1


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  1. So in love with that Edifice watch. I am a biiiiig fan of watches. If yours wasn't so girlish, I'd want that one too :-)

    Can't understand people who say they don't wear a watch because they have a mobile phone to tell time - watches just aren't about time keeping!

  2. My first blog comment - how exciting!

    I haven't worn a watch in years because i was one of those fools who used my mobile to keep the time.

    I got a Baby-G, which is the girl's version of G-Shock. I'd wear a G-Shock if i didn't have tiny chick wrist syndrome. There's a bazillion* bright and colourful (and manly) G-Shocks out there.

    *bazillion may be slight exaggeration.

  3. I know this may be unmanly to say, but the mini-G looks better because it is less bulky. My favourite watches feel heavy on the hand, but don't look bulky (hence why I really like the Edifice, and my current 10 watches). I've just checked out the G-Shock website, and I prefer the G-mini much more than the regular G-shock.

    I'm a disgrace to men everywhere! :-)

    BTW, your G-mini looks very nice on your hand! From what I know about you, it definitely suits you...

  4. Haha! For shame Sean! For shame! You'll have to show me your watch collection one day. I love looking at stuff!