Proactiv versus Skin Clarity

by - March 24, 2013

I've had acne since puberty hit me in the face and the hips, though it forgot my chest which will always be prepubescent. Instead, I grew lumps and bumps allover my face - forehead, temples, cheeks, jawline and neck. Puberty, you did it wrong!

I've been on and off Proactiv for years trying to treat my acne. I'm told that acne doesn't become immune to the stuff but whatever goes on with my skin, after 1-2 years on Proactiv my suppressed acne finds a way to break out. After the first time it stopped working I went on a string of doctor prescribed topical meds before they sent me to a dermatologist for hardcore oratane pills. It cleared my skin after 6 months on the meds and stayed clear for 3 months once I was taken off but then the acne came back again. So I went back on Proactiv again and it worked again.

The next time it stopped working I tried the pharmacy stocked Benzac AC 5% benozyl peroxide but that gave me a massive rash so I let my skin break out for a few months before going back on Proactiv but it hasn't been as effective because the gap was too short. When I heard about Skin Clarity I had high hopes for a system that didn't use peroxide (the main anti-acne stuff in Proactiv) so I could move between the two but I should have read up on what Skin Clarity used instead.

After two weeks on Skin Clarity I had to stop. I expected a breakout while my skin adjusted to a new skincare regime but within the first week my skin was the worst it'd been in 5 years. I decided to stop using step 3, the repair cream that contains caster oil.  This did stop my pimples from growing at warp speed but because I was only using step 1, the foaming cleanser, and step 2,  clarifying gel, my skin dried out terribly. The pimples I did have from step 3 started to fade but new ones were developing because my skin was irritated from being too dry (my regular day moisturiser wasn't cutting it without the oily help of step 3).

Why am I calling this post Proactiv Vs. Skin Clarity? Because Skin Clarity are a newcomer who've marketed themselves as a three step program that's benozyl peroxide free using packaging similar to Proactiv. I can only assume they're targeting the Proactiv audience.

For me, Proactiv wins hands down. Skin Clarity proved really bad with my oily skin but if you want to give it a go, the starter kit is only $29.95.

I'm not taking my own advice for now. I'm not using Proactiv at the moment. I've decided it's time to go back to a dermatologist for help. Over the counter stuff isn't working anymore.

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  1. Did you try the oil free lotion instead of repair cream at step 3. It is a great moisturiser. Your skin still needs to moisturised after you get rid of all the oil and impurities. I use the repair cream at night and the oil free lotion in the morning.

  2. You do realise since it contains salicylic, glycolic and lactic acid it will exfoliate your skin, thus causing the acne in the lower layers of your skin to come to surface. That's why you were breaking out so much. It would stop around the 4 weeks (28 day) mark.