Upgrade U: Native shoes

by - May 03, 2012

I got these Native shoes back in Melbourne thanks to the amazing grace of Diamond Dozen PR and Lucky Cat. They are soooo unbelievably comfortable and easy to wear. I pretty much live in these now and have developed a superiority complex towards Crocs wearers because peeps like Tommy Hilfiger, Diplo and (the actor who played) Steve Urkel wear Native.

I like to think I'm doing my part to add to Native's cool factor by wearing them to the beach, on my daily walks with Dad Pham, to the supermarket, movies, house parties and even accidentally to a couple of Brisbane clubs when I forgot to change into dress shoes. I still got into the clubs even though some poor suckers got turned away for wearing shorts instead of pants. That is the power of Native.
They come in a range of styles - they're available online from Style Tread and Surf Stitch. I got the Jefferson style in white, which pays homage to the classic Converse shoe. Though, I've already got my eye on some pink Jerichos after I wear these babies out. I don't know when that will be though. I usually stomp the heel off any sneaker or shoe I own within 3 months but Native shows no sign of caving into my heavy-footed pigeon-toe walk. I also want a pair of their Red Dot award-winning Fitzsimmons boots in yellow (The iPad and Dyson bladeless fan have won Red Dot awards - are you impressed by Native yet? I am!) and their Paddington gumboots in red.

...sometimes I wish I had more feet.

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