Upgrade U: I Love Billy brogues

by - June 20, 2012

My work contract ends next week and I possibly (under Liberal, probably) won't get an extension so I've been doing what I usually do when something bad is happening. I find the silver lining.

I've met some great people - I couldn't have asked for a nicer team to get me back into work-life after last year's unhappy ending. I was also introduced to the double screen workstation, which makes me wonder how I ever did any editing work on a single screen before. It inspired my own desk set-up at home.

I haven't quite found a silver lining for missing out on the team's delicious home-baked goods once I leave... I guess you can't win them all. I did, however, win big at finding cute work shoes on eBay from Australian Designers Direct.
These cute little girly style brogues with kitten heels were so awesome, I got two pairs - one in black/white, the other all-black and I'm seriously considering the khaki/black too. There are limited sizes and colourways left from this seller so get in quick if you want a pair!

The heels give that nice satisfying clomp, clack, clomp sound (the clack is my left pigeon-toed leg) that only solid heels can make when you walk. I also many compliments and even a free lamington from wearing these shoes around the office. I will sure miss getting free food and compliments at work but at least I'll have Tigger Pham to entertain me when I'm home looking for work.

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