Upgrade U: LeTan 30+ mini sunscreen

by - June 11, 2012

You could be a hero. Like me. The other day, while waiting in a face painting queue with my niece at the RSPCA Wacol launch, I overheard a worried mum and Aunt who had left their sunscreen in the car and their little girl was looking rather flustered. I pulled out my mini LeTan SPF 30+ sunscreen lotion (in my head, it was accompanied by a triumphant 'ba da!' trumpet sound, but I knew better than to sing it out loud) and offered it to the pink-looking family behind me. I think I saved their lives.

I completely forgot about my act of heroism until I walked by a stack of mini LeTan SPF 30+ tubes in Big W. I bought one for Little Sissy Pham, who was undergoing UV treatment for her psoriasis and extra susceptible to skin cancer at the time, but also because I wanted her to be a life-saving hero too.
I got a coconut scented LeTan for free at the 2010 Vans Bowl-a-rama in Sydney, which suits me fine because I like smelling like food and my nose is always a little clogged from being allergic to life so it doesn't overwhelm me. But there's non-scented versions for people with better senses of smell, like Little Sissy Pham.

Buy yourself a mini sunscreen for a few bucks and you will soon be a hero like us!

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