Upgrade U: Maybelline eye studio gel liner

by - June 25, 2012

I can't tell whether I go cross-eyed when I look at the camera because I'm Asian or because I am actually a little cross-eyed. Non-Asians don't seem to have this trouble - or maybe they do and they simply don't post these photos on the Internet.

I like my eyes despite their design flaw so I highlight them most mornings (dependent on mood, sleepiness or lateness) with my favourite Maybelline gel eyeliner. I've been using it for a good year and my jar is not even half empty. True, I didn't put on eyeliner while I was moving between states and job hunting for about 4-5 months. Still, I used to crunch through about four or five eyeliner pencils a year so one jar that costs almost the same as one pencil but lasts all year is an absolute bargain if you ask me!

The gel stays put all day long too - I don't need to touch up my eyes if I go out after work. It doesn't smudge or scatter the way pencils do. The brush is also very precise and you don't need to sharpen it like pencils. Maybe touching up and wastage accounts for the big gap between how long a jar lasts compared to zee inferior pencil.

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