Upgrade U: Karen Walker super speed sunglasses

by - July 12, 2012

Brad Tweeters gave me my first pair of Karen Walker sunnies and I've never been able to look at another brand of sunglasses ever again. I never did end up getting my future KW sunglasses, which is lucky because I've had to evolve my style to include workwear options Monday to Thursday. I've fully embraced this human phenomenon called 'Casual Friday.' Mum and Dad Pham would be proud that they have the most casually dressed daughters in government. Sometimes, I'm one pair of neon tights away from wearing pyjamas to work on a Friday.

On the other days of the work week, I'm slowly adding bits of personality and colour for a very me look. Though, office me is girlier than sporty street me so I bought Karen Walker's delectable Super Speed sunglasses in plum. The cats eyes shape is feminine and classy, while the plum colour and pink/white detail around the eyes and on the rims gives them that nice touch of KW spunk.

Excuse the shoddy photoshop work in these photos but my bedroom is a total mess while I transition between macbooks and curtains and adjust to life with a treadmill next to my bed. Couldn't get a full body shot in because the treadmill means I had to move my bed closer to the mirror so now I can't stand far back enough to get a full body shot, but I'm wearing hot pink tights and my black and white I love Billy shoes in this photo. 

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