Upgrade U: Macbook Pro with retina display

by - July 17, 2012

I gotta keep this short and sweet for two reasons. Diablo III is downloading in the background and as soon as it's installed I will disappear into a gaming vortex and will emerge several weeks later looking like a disheveled vampire (picture yourself after 28 hour flight/travel then times that by four). Also, I have to try and pre-write as many blog posts as I can so Keep It In The Phamly doesn't fall victim to the Hell overlord.

For the first time in Phamly history, Big Brother Pham told me to "save money" and buy the regular 15" Macbook Pro without retina display and flash drive. While Little Sissy Pham, the best with money told me to spend the extra $500 and get me the fancier 15" Macbook Pro. 

Now, for some reason I'll spend money on others before the dropping hat reaches the ground (messing up metaphors is part of Asian-Western culture, I believe) but I always need someone to give me permission to spend money on myself. Like the time I asked Little Sissy Pham if I could buy new Karen Walker sunnies but she didn't get back to me within the hour so I asked Misty-chan if I could and she said yes so I did. I also wanted Big Brother Pham's nod of approval for the new treadmill even though he knows nothing about exercise (he does physical building work so thinks it's funny that my lower belly pops out whenever I eat a meal).
So with Little Sissy Pham's tick of approval I went and got me the 15" Macbook Pro with Retina display and boy, am I in love. So sleek, so shiny, so new. So fast, so light, so advanced! I walked around hugging the laptop for half an hour before I unwrapped it because I couldn't get over how light it is compared to my old 13" MacbookSure, I don't have a disc drive anymore but since Diablo III comes in a digital download I don't need one to install it.

The machine hardware is impressive but my favouritest new features are all OS related. I love to multi-task and currently have Photoshop, Image Capture, iTunes, Excel, Chrome and Word open for blogging, tax time, synching old stuff with new stuff and life admin purposes. The track pad and magic mouse capabilities make zipping between  and within apps soooo much fun - I feel like Iron Man with his whizz bang technomonology!

Why did I buy such a powerful machine when I will only use part of its brain for photo editing and writing? Diablo III of course!!! Speaking of, gotta write a bunch of other blog posts and schedule them over the next however many weeks so I can devote my life to gaming. Sayonara!

UPDATE 15/07/12: Diablo 3 works fine on Macbook Pro 15" with retina display. It looks quite awesome, actually, and I only experience lag when my internet connection is having a fit. 

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