Bleeding Knees Club @ the Corner Hotel 17.11.12

by - December 05, 2012

I had a trippy night out with my second cousin, Peter, in Melbourne. My mum and his dad hung out when they were young. History continues with us, the two kids who look exactly like our deceased parent. I kept freaking out when he looked at me with his dad's eyes, and he kept wigging out when I pulled a Mum Pham face. It was spooky yet fun.

I'd been waiting half a decade for Peter to turn 18 so I could take him out to gigs, but just as he reached legal partying age I went and moved up to Brisbane. So I set this right on my recent trip to Melbourne by taking him to see Bleeding Knees Club at the Corner Hotel.
Boy, do I thank the rock gods for delivering unto me a skate/surf band who fit a year's worth of rock & roll experiences into one short and sweet set for Peter. Naked guy (pictured), moshing, crowd-surfing, drinking beer out of sneakers and two near knock-outs - all set to the catchy tunes and charming banter of the BKC boys. FUN!

This was Bleeding Knees Club's last tour before they take a time out to write album #2, but next time they're down your way I highly recommend you go see and partay.

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