ASOS floral print dresses

by - December 17, 2012

I've gone from not wearing patterns and prints to a number of floral and polka dot dresses. For some reason I always thought prints didn't suit me but I've come to realise I look like Mum Pham and she exclusively wore patterns and prints.

I look more and more like Mum Pham as I get older. I’m so much like her I started to worry and asked Little Sissy Pham, 'What if mum's become an evil spirit and is taking over my body?' to which she squealed 'yay!' and I sulked for the rest of the day.

I guess if I were to turn into mum it won't be so bad. After all, Mumma Pham was one stylish lady. These are just some of the many patterned jersey dresses I've bought from recently.

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