Sun-kissed and happy

by - December 10, 2012

I went back to Melbourne for my first proper visit since moving and enjoyed me some Harvest 2012, Melbourne Aquarium, a real life data centre, Bleeding Knees Club @ the Corner, got a talking-to from tarot lady and did so much catching-up with friends over food I vomited in my mouth from overeating. Twice.

When I left Melbourne last year I wasn't in a great place (read: In loving memory of Mum Pham). I'm glad the general vibe everyone got from me this time is one of a sun-kissed, happy and healthy girl. I feel more me than I have all year.

Seeing my Melbourne friends reminded me how much love and fun and life I still have inside me. It's been too long since I've gotten this type of reaction from my friends:

Tarot lady says in 2013 everything's coming up Milhouse (my interpretation of her words, she didn't actually say that). I believe her because now I've got my  'anything is possible' attitude back, anything really is possible.

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