Partial hair shave

by - December 24, 2012

Remember when I told you to never let me shave my head again because it will take me two years to grow it out? Well, I did it again and you didn't stop me! At least this time I went the subtle route. You can't see my head tattoo and if I let my hair down I can hide the fact that I'm not a sensible adult.

This hairdo was inspired by Ms. Rihanna, which got me wondering what I'd originally used as hair inspiration for the head tattoo. I racked my brains all month but didn't remember until I watched Resident Evil 4 on TV the other night. It's a sorry excuse for a game-based action movie (save your nerd memories and stop at Resident Evil 3 if you haven't seen the movies yet). But Alice (aka Milla Jovovich - my steady girl-crush) was my original hair inspiration in the first movie! She totes rocked partial shave before it became cool.

These days I prefer the subtle shave so I can choose to look tough or soft because people treat you differently when you have a partially shaved head. They make judgements before even speaking to you. Like my Viet grocer who used to love chatting with me in Vietnamese until I shaved my hair - he stopped the chit-chat and the freebies. Double blow. Or people almost don't hire you because they see an old picture on your blog and think you may have a bad attitude (though if they'd read the blog entry with the head shaved pic, they'd know my head tattoo stands for infinite love).

Lucky for them (and me) they gave me the gig because I helped nail some epic deadlines with a smile on my face and an endless supply of Snickers to keep the team going. I'm not saying y'all should go out and hug a swastika-inked skinhead in case he or she is secretly a candy-giving fairy. All I'm hoping is that you'll give peeps a chance.

Thanks to Richard at Richard & Maisy Hairstyling. New address: Level 4/190 Edward Street (upstairs from Gucci) Brisbane CBD 4000. Text Richard for appointment. Mob: 0438 893 236

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