Good bye, government employment

by - December 21, 2012

My tarot lady was sooooo confused when I told her I'd spent most of 2012 in the public service. A year earlier she'd predicted a work opportunity with a creative company where an older woman who knew of me would become my mentor. Said opportunity came true (thanks Meg if you read this!) but I wasn't ready to jump into another life-consuming creative job (sorry Meg if you read this)! I needed a time out from life to be with Phamly.

As randomness would have it, I ended up working with Meg's husband on the website instead. Small world, yes? It's been a lovely chilled out year but now I'm hungry for creative work again so today I pack up my desk and bid my team farewell.

Here is a letter I wrote to my wonderful workmates. It's actually quite personal now that I read over it but... this is a personal blog and tarot lady says I need to open up more. So hello world - here are my feelings!

(PDAs is an in-joke. They're all suffering through 'performance development agreements' at the moment.)

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