Happy Lunar New Year!

by - February 09, 2013

I wish the world could be as forgetful about blood heritage as I am. Most of the time I walk around not thinking about my race at all. My parents have influenced me culturally but in my head I'm just another Aussie chick. That is, until a white-blonde, blue-eyed couple at Laneway Festival start yelling, 'Ay! Ay ay!' to get my attention, then high-five me and say, 'Konnichiwa.' and 'Watashi no namae wa Lisa. Onamae wa desu ka?'

I understand enough Japanese to know what they said but I didn't want to let them think it's cool to assume any boldly dressed Asian is Japanese. Even though they were just having fun and being quite cute in their excitement at meeting a foreign creature like me, I felt obligated to discourage them and said, 'I'm Vietnamese.' They had the grace to feel a little bad. Though, for me, no one will ever top the two racist chicks at a gig who sidled up to me and squealed 'You're so cute!' while patting my head like they would a dog. Not even all the the mean ones who tell me to go home to my own country even though I can't because I'm already home, jerks!

Another time I remember I'm Asian is Lunar New Year when all my Asian-looking relatives come around with yummy new year treats. And I use my nieces as an excuse to go to the local Vietnamese New Year Festival and stuff my face with festive Vietnamese cuisine.

You don't have to be Asian or Australian or any particular heritage to celebrate Lunar New Year. Everyone has the moon in common. So use tonight as an excuse to drink, eat and be merry. Happy Lunar New Year everyone!

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