Happy Valentine's Day, some one!

by - February 14, 2013

I went on my first ever blind date a couple of weeks ago... with a guy who was in town for a few days and in Australia for a few weeks. After years of giving my friends frown lines while they mentally crossed off every single guy they knew from their list of potential boyfriends for Jade, I was very curious (and very sceptical) to meet a guy that I'd have "so much in common" with.

Seriously, I have a dozen friendship circles because none of my friends enjoy more than one or two of the bazillion sub-cultures I roam in. Heading to the date, I expected a bit of fun (because one of my multiple personalities was bound to have something in common with him) or if he was an asshole (there's no getting along with shit people) I'd at least have some entertaining blog material and a forever funny story for my friends.

Then Cupid, the violent little nudist, came and shot an arrow into my sceptical butt. Dreamboat had me at yellow Lego luggage tag. Though, I wasn't sure I had him until our midnight swim. Maybe it's a little crazy that I flew interstate to visit him after only one date (I fit in some work to legitimise the trip - pfft) but when someone special comes along, you gotta appreciate them while you can.

For the first time on my Valentiny birthday I get to ditch my life as the real world Liz Lemon and say, "Happy Valentine's Day, some one!" Hope you have a nice life. x

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