Upgrade U: Mr. Gugu & Miss Go printed jumpers

by - February 27, 2013

I hate when people ask how I am because I actually think about how I am before replying and most of the time they don't really care so I've wasted brain-thought. And I hate wasting brain-thoughts, which is why sometimes I do things without thinking.

Like buying this Mr. Gugu & Miss Go allover galaxy print crew jumper from work even though I don't wear jumpers because they make my bobble head look even rounder. In all seriousness, I got high on happy colours looking at these crazy-ass Polish designed crews before I read their brand philosophy: "You must look very good to become really good among the good. Only those looking very good can enter the gate of real goodness. Only the good will survive when the gate of real goodness is shut for ever." Funniest brand philosophy ever. And funnest printed jumpers ever.

Guess I'll just have to live up to my gooder future self and incorporate this Galaxy II crew into my life. It is lightweight but superwarm so I'll be turning the air-con up in Brissie and taking this baby with me on trips to cold Melbourne.

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  1. Hi Jade, I don't know the history of Mr Gugu and Miss Go, but their designs look a lot like Black Milk designs which have been my obsession for the past year or so. It's an expensive habit :( BM's an Aussie brand, brissie based which suffers from a lot of o/s cloning so they're constantly releasing new stuff to try and keep ahead. The galaxy print is their iconic print, and the tiger print, Klimt kiss print, pharoah print are/were BM as well. You should check out BM too- the style is right up your alley! blackmilkclothing.com

  2. Hey V! Think Gugu have been around almost a decade longer than Black Milk but I don't know when they started sublimation printing. Gugu is the first to apply the technology to allover print crews though. I'm told it's a tricky art!

    For some reason I never got into the Black Milk range. I've seen 'em everywhere around Brissie (which is probably what put me off - I'm all for leggings as pants but for the love of gawd people, long tops to soften the sight of your butt - PLEASE)! I don't think their stuff would suit my body shape. I've been eyeing their Beetlejuice leggings for ages but I've seen them destroy otherwise attractive women around the city so I doubt I can pull them off.

    What stuff of theirs do you have?