Upgrade U: Jade bracelet

by - February 04, 2013

When Dad Pham can't find me in the supermarket, he naturally assumes that I've been kidnapped. Just like Mum Pham assumes I'm dead when I don't return her calls within the hour. Or how I assumed the jade bracelet Mum gave me was a special gift of love, luck and well-being. Boy, were we dead wrong on all counts.

A few years back, I overheard Mum telling Aunty that my crazy cousin in Germany was going to throw this bracelet away so she rescued it from the dump and put it on her middle daughter instead. Thanks Mum!

I faithfully wore my green jade bracelet 24/7 for years thinking Mum Pham gave it to me because it symbolises my Vietnamese name, which roughly translates to ‘precious green jade.’ Mum says there's a Chinese spelling of my name that describes the exact shade of jade-green but it's been lost in space and time because Grandpa who named me passed away decades ago and Mum never learned to write Chinese.

Now I don't know if this fraudulent bracelet even contains the shade of green my name describes. Oh well, my jade bracelet might not be accurate or precious but I still wear it 24/7 because my wrist got thicker over the years and now it hurts to take it off.

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