Bobble head syndrome

by - February 25, 2013

Since I was born with cheeks so chubby they sagged like a bulldog's, I have always suffered from big-face syndrome. This is similar to body dysmorphia where you think your body is bigger (or smaller) than it actually is, except with big-face syndrome you are correct in thinking your face is massive.

image: Snapped at Carbon Festival 2011. pic by

I used to hate my bobble head (example celebrity bobble heads include Miranda Kerr, Jessie J) because I didn't think I could rock it like my celebrity fat head references. But one day when I started digitising all our old Phamly photos from Mum and Dad's childhoods to my own, I noticed Mum Pham had a big face in her younger years too and she is a mega-babe. Since I'm pretty much a clone of Mum Pham, it gives me hope that I can rock the bobble head too.

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