Upgrade U: Ark & Co Osaka Bomber Jacket

by - April 10, 2013

Hello poser me. I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself. I am slowly but surely on my way to not being called a fatty boombah by science. I'm actually out of the overweight range after dropping 3kg in three weeks - yay! But that's just on the very edge of the healthy weight range for some one my height so I want to keep going because if I settled for just okay my life would be super dull and I'd probably be the first person to literally (meaning literally, not the new shitty 'used for emphasis' literal meaning - will you dictionary people stop adding bullshit words and definitions already please?!?!) die from boredom.

Enough about me. More about this lightweight bomber jacket! It's an Ark & Co Osaka Bomber Jacket and it is divine. I love it so much. The gorgeous print, black cuff, hem, neck and shoulder detail. It's a cropped cut (hello less of a pot belly!) and my favourite detail of all is the sheer fabric on the back panel.

I bought it from nastygal.com and of course it went on sale the week after I bought it. Hurry before it runs out 'cause I don't know who else stocks this baby.

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