Upgrade U: River Island pink cosmic tube dress

by - April 03, 2013

I had my doubts about the River Island Pink Cosmic Tube Dress because I am a 10/12 up-top with the hips of a 12/14 and tubes by definition don't have hips.  I bought it anyway because I love it too much and, true, it's too snug at my hips but I'm going to allow myself this one discrepancy in my otherwise too picky wardrobe.

Seriously, Little Sissy Pham can attest to my unintentional in-store fashion snobbery. I know what I do and don't like so shop assistants never get to cross sell or up sell when I drop in. That plus it's a little hard to take them seriously when Little Sissy Pham asks to try on something and they bring back her size and give it to me. How can people not tell us apart? I'll forgive them not knowing that I am 99% mum's genes and she's 90% dad's genes because we are still sisters, but I'm two sizes bigger than the waif and I dress like a kid's party entertainer while she dresses like a sensible adult.

I think that's why I enjoy online shopping so much. I don't feel rude not taking style advice from shop assistants who most of the time really do help people dress better. I can make my own style decisions freely and this time I choose to squeeze into a tube dress because the pink cosmic print had me at hello asos dot com new arrivals click scroll click click click click paypal click click. I got mine from Asos.com for the free shipping but they may be out of stock because I can't find it anywhere. River Island still has it online.

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