Upgrade U: Neutrogena Oil-Free Cleanser & Moisturisers

by - November 06, 2014

Oil is bad, oil is evil! is what I've learned from my dermatologist Dr C.T. Lee in Sunnybank, Brisbane, Queensland. These days anything and everything that goes near my acne prone face is oil-free unless it's glorious and delicious like hot chips. Mmm... hot chips. Another exception is ALDI’s Protane Moroccan Argan Oil for hair.

Dr. Lee put me on a course of Oratane, which I’ve since had to go off for laser eye surgery. He also put me onto Neutrogena's gentle Oil-Free Acne Wash and Moisturisers range and I've never looked back. The Neutrogena range is about $15 a bottle for the oil-free acne cleanser and $12-15 for the oil-free moisturiser. As he said, ‘Expensive is not always better.’ Or as Mum Pham said, ‘So cheap!’ And I said, ‘I hoard!’ I may or may not have half a dozen of each in my bathroom cabinet.

I’ve tried all three of the moisturisers over the past year – the ‘SPF 15’ for daywear, the ‘sensitive skin’ for night time and the ‘combination skin’ for oil control day and night. I love them all but the oil control is what I’ve needed most to manage my overly glowing skin so that’s my pick of the bunch. I’d highly recommend this range to acne sufferers and, well, anyone. This pic is of my glowing skin - no make-up, acne free and wearing only the Neutrogena Oil Free SPF 15 moisturiser. I'm looking forward to clear skin again. Oratane, here I come!

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