Upgrade U: Aldi Protane Moroccan Argan Oil

by - November 03, 2014

As an acne sufferer, I’ve been trained to see the word ‘oil’ as nasty, malicious and evil. But like all my exaggerated feelings about minor life details, there’s always an exception. My oily exception is ALDI’s Protane Moroccan argan oil, which is literally my hair’s best friend.

Years of dying my greys and the whole getting old thing has made my hair dull. I’ve toned the colouring down a notch since the bleach and break incident of 2009. But where there be chemicals, there be damage so a little googling lead to ALDI Protane Moroccan argan oil. The fancy pants brands are a bit mean to the bank balance so the tight-ass in me opted to try the budget $9.95 ALDI version and I have zero regrets. It feels a bit odd to rub a Moroccan breakfast food in my hair but by gosh, the result is amazing!

My hair is sleek, shiny, even straighter and I can run my fingers through it without getting it caught, wincing and pulling my ‘I smell cat poop’ face. The oil fakes the feeling of healthy shiny locks after years of damage! I use the oil 1-3 times a week depending on how glossy I’d like my hair to look, but it’s fine to use every day. One bottle lasts an age, but since ALDI only sell it in special drops every few months I hoard every time I see them in stock.  Shine bright like the innards of an argan tree kernel, ladies and gents!

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