by - May 01, 2016

Apologies are hard. Because I don't like to be wrong, let alone admit it. Ask Little Sissy Pham - when we were kids (and into adulthood if I'm honest) I'd argue with her until she agreed I was right even though I knew I wasn't. Only when she'd admit defeat did my fat ego then apologise for being wrong. I have serious issues.

Sometimes it's too hard to apologise to someone but Apomogy makes it easy if there's something you want to get off your chest - like say, accidentally killing someone's mother...?! Apomogy is anonymous apologies expressed on pom-poms because obviously - it's called an apomogy. It's an ongong group art project about saying you're sorry with the help of the almighty pom-pom.

You can:
  1. Submit your own apomogies on their website - apomogy.com
  2. Follow @apomogy on Instagram because not all social media is gratuitous, some can be heartfelt and delightful!
  3. Listen to the Apomogy Pomcast: https://www.soundcloud.com/apomogy
The first podcast tells the story behind this Apomogy:

A photo posted by Apomogy (@apomogy) on Mar 27, 2016 at 1:08am PDT

I went to the Apomogy exhibition launch at The Print Bar in April, which was so much fun. And also very shocking in its realness. Some of the apomogies really gut you, while some are hilarious like the hormonal one above that Little Sissy Pham thought was mine because I get a bit hysterical when I PMS. I highly relate to it, but it's not me. I haven't made an apomogy yet. But if I did it would be an apomogy for rolling my sister up in a blanket and squashing her until she became claustrophobic. Thanks to Karma, I spent years going to concerts alone since she couldn't handle crowds. If you have an apomogy you want to get off your chest, head to www.apomogy.com

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