Upgrade U: Richard & Maisy Hair Styling

by - October 29, 2016

Like most women, I judge the length of my hair by how often it gets caught in things and how varied those things are. Doors, windows, chairs, zippers, buttons, bras, handbags... When it becomes an hourly ouch, it's time to get a haircut. Wait, that's not how you decide to make a hair appointment?

When my Melbourne hairdresser became horribly allergic to hair treatment chemicals and retired, I floated around from hairdresser to hairdresser for years before resigning to cutting my own hair. And then I found my knight in poker-faced armour, Richard from Richard & Maisy Hair Styling at Level 4/190 Edward Street in Brisbane City. They used to own Hair Corner in Elizabeth Street Arcade in Brisbane CBD if that name rings a bell.

Richard is the bomb. He doesn't chat much - mainly because of the language barrier. His English is fine but not strong enough that carrying a full English conversation would be effortless and we'd both prefer he put his effort into the hair over small talk.

As always, I'm blogging as a genuine customer and fan. I've been loyal to Richard ever since he didn't bat an eyelid when I asked to shave my head (again). Instead, he gave me sensible advice unlike a few other hairdressers I'd visited - they questioned my choice, tried to talk me out of it and made me feel like I couldn't trust them to do the good job so I walked out. Which is lucky because that's how I ended up in Hair Corner.

Dearly practical and focused Richard, without question, clipped up some hair to show me how much he thought I should shave as a starting point - because I could always come back and shave more once I was comfortable. I'm glad he did. 8 weeks later, instead of making the little patch bigger, I came back and asked for a little patch on the other side. I still rock this look years on and Richard is skilled so he knows how to adapt regular hairstyles around my shaved sides. When my hair's down, I almost look like a normal person.

If you're looking for a hairdresser for Asian hair, I cannot recommend Richard enough! Little Sissy Pham is a Richard devotee too. We have completely opposite taste in personal style including hair yet she love Richard too because he can do hidden-punk like me through to sleek, chic looks as evident on my sister. Seriously, Richard is the best.

Richard & Maisy Hair Styling 
Level 4/190 Edward Street (above Gucci) 
Brisbane CBD 4000
Text Richard: 0438 893 236

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