Text you later

by - October 11, 2016

It's been so long since I've been on a date or asked anyone to go on a date or been asked by anyone to go on a date -  I forget that people have feelings and expectations and history that motivate their actions and give them personality nuances that are totally peculiar to me, yet normal for them. What are all these feelings? I don't like them - you keep them, thanks.

I know I come with baggage and quirks too. Like, right now I have zero patience with texting coming out of a long distance relationship where my boyfriend was pretty much an iPhone - I may as well have dated Siri that's how text- and tech-heavy we were. Though, Siri always answers when you call her (or him) and greets you in the morning with a weather update, breaking news and reminds me what I have on that day so she was more involved in my life than my partner by the end. I need a break from tech-based relationships with boys and software.

Instead, I've been catching up with old friends; making new friends; making eye-contact with and greeting strangers and regulars - except the neo-nazi who growled at me once and glares at me all the time and I'm pretty sure he's the one who carved the swastika in the wet concrete across the road from my house - him I don't greet. I'm also getting out of the house more - morning walks, taking dad to the lake, going to the pool, shooting hoops in the park and finally not failing my Fitbit on a daily basis. It feels good.

I think this whole not hanging out with my phone is helping me get back into blogging. I'm not using my word count on texts so my brain is able to use my words elsewhere. Also, I've gone on a major post-break-up shopping spree so I'll be wanting to share some of my fave buys in new Upgrade U posts soon because nothing says I don't want to catch feelings like mass consumerism!

Text you later.

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