Home is where the house is

by - October 13, 2020

Mum Pham always wished to split the Phamly house evenly between her three children. However, her three children have grown up a lot since her passing and no longer so helpless. Instead, with our encouragement, Dad Pham gave his house (mortgage) to Big Brother Pham for his PhamLe on the condition that a) Big Brother Pham would build him a granny flat, and b) when Dad passes, his loser middle daughter (me) would be allowed to live in the granny flat.

Good news, guys, I’m no longer a loser - at least, in real estate terms. Boyfriend Pham and I bought a house - at least, got a massive debt to pay off. It’s part of why I went radio silent on my beloved blog.

The past 6 months have been packed with life changes. The day after we met with our mortgage broker, because life has a weird sense of humour, I was stood down to a 5-day fortnight, while Boyfriend Pham went down to a 6-day fortnight. It worked out for the best though because if we hadn’t been forced to wait a couple of months to sort our employment situations for finance approval, we may not have come across our home.

I was lucky enough to stay in my role in the heavily impacted retail industry, after weeks of uncertainty. Boyfriend Pham, on the other hand, changed roles for better job security, and it’s worked out for the best because he’s very happy in his new team. His job change meant we stopped house hunting on the south where I grew up, and instead buy north where we both work.

We’ve only been here a few weeks, and love it so far. The house has gorgeous, soft natural light throughout and the breeze is refreshing and cool. It’ll be a lot of responsibility being a good home owner as opposed to a renter, and we have a lot to learn about home maintenance and improvement. It’s been stressful but fun. I think my blog’s going to steer in the home improvement direction for the next little while as we settle in and make little upgrades to the space. No major renovations ‘cause there is only one practical Pham sibling and it’s definitely not me.

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