The final countdown (waiting to give birth)

by - March 25, 2024

At time of writing a couple months ago, I have finished work and started 12-months of parental leave. Possibly one of my favourite updates to my LinkedIn profile was adding my career break to become a parent. I am now counting down the days until I meet Baby Pham. You'd think not working and having free time for yourself would be a dream come true...

The reality is I'm too big to move about freely. I am uncomfortable sitting on the couch, laying on the bed, standing for too long, sitting on a gym ball too long. My body is running hot with the extra blood and tiny human kicking around inside me. Doing basic chores around the house leaves me covered in sweat. Essentially, being awake or asleep is a struggle especially in the Brisbane heat waves and extreme humidity. 

Little Sissy Pham got caught out because her baby arrived on time and she was expecting him to be late because everyone kept telling her your firstborn is always late. She didn't prep any meals. 

I spent the few days I had on maternity leave dreaming of the end of my gestational diabetes diet. I made a wish list of all the foods I'd eat once baby and placenta were out of my body. I also prepped some frozen meals. Luckily I learned from Little Sissy's experience because my Baby Pham made a dramatic, early entrance to the world. A check-in with the midwife the week I was due spiralled into a trip to the hospital and a wild rollercoaster until Bub arrived. More on that next blog.  

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